We use a common phrase at The Bee School....'Nature Knows Best!'  So let's keep it super simple, healthy soil, makes for healthy plants and provides a healthy food source for our bees (and us). 

So what's going wrong?

As usual, we humans think we know better and for the last 80 years have
been pumping harmful chemical fertilizers into our soil.  These chemicals
are designed to kill micro organisms and supposedly provide a nutrient enriched
food supply to our food crops, but the nutrients were already there right? They
were, because nature put them there.

But it doesn't stop there.

Because we love chemicals so much, we've even taken to spraying our food
crops with even more harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides and

Pesticides and herbicides are designed to kill micro organisms / organic
matter, they don't differentiate between greenfly, bees or humans, they're just
designed to kill organisms. 

We are all organic!

As humans we might believe we're a superior species, but at the end of
the day, the fact of the matter is we're all organic.  When our time is
done, our bodies will decompose and will return to the soil.

So why as humans, do we think we're safe from these chemicals?

Lets start by putting the health back into the soil!

The Wormery!

The Wormery is a container, home to a few tiger worms who'll happily break down organic matter and make compost.  It really doesn't
get any more simple.

We feed the worms our food scraps, potato peelings, kitchen waste (even dog poop if you wish), they'll be super grateful for their 'a la carte' offerings and in return will turn these scraps into vermicompost.

This compost is super powerful and a small amount goes a very long way, there's no chemicals, just worm poop and other healthy bacteria.

They'll even make you a worm tea, a small amount mixed with water will easily feed your plants.  It's suitable for adding to your home grown veggies or just adding to that spider plant that's been shoved in the
corner and despite months of neglect is still clinging on for dear life!

Help us install a Wormery at The Bee School.

What better way to teach about soil health than to let the worms show us how it's done.  We'll be creating a wormery alongside our apiary where our visitors can get down and dirty with the worms.

But we need your help!

By donating just £1 will help us to raise the funds to start the Wormery.