Based in Luss, Loch Lomond, The Bee School is a small independent educational not-for-profit, run by beekeepers with over eight years of beekeeping experience. Our aim is to share our learning and educate others about the benefits of keeping bees for both the individual and the environment.

Our approach has a strong emphasis on the needs of the young beekeeper and to make traditional beekeeping more accessible. Our organisation is focused on honeybees, education, wellbeing and the environment.




With over eight years of beekeeping experience, I can openly admit I've possibly made every rookie mistake when it comes to taking care of honeybees. But every year these fascinating insects teach me something new, whether it be their unique behaviours or a lesson or two on my own patience and understanding.

Early 2021, I was asked to mentor a new beekeeping family for the BBC's, CBBC show; 'Show Me the Honey', it was on this journey that I realised the severe lack of beekeeping provision for young people in my local area and triggered me to do something about it.

Opening a Bee School has been an ambition since I took up beekeeping, it's a hobby that's growing in popularity, especially in urban areas and my vision is to support this with a positive impact to the beekeeper, the bees and the environment.



Caring for honeybees at high school kick-started my passion for advocating for our wonderful pollinators. I proudly joined The Bee School in August 2023 and, with Heather’s patience and guidance, became a bee-educator. I am also a university student studying law with a particular interest in environmental practice. I am a hybrid-worker, so help behind the scenes at the Bee School over the winter months. In the summer months, much like the bees, I get back outdoors to assist Heather on our Bee Safaris.

I have a love of all things insect so have been thrilled to work alongside a team with shared environmental values. I have a particular interest in solitary-bees and bumblebees and enjoy chatting about what we can do as individuals and as a society to help our bee-friends out.


Hi, I’m Harry! I am 16 Years old and from the Loch Lomond area. I was introduced to beekeeping in the early months of 2021 by participating in the CBBC Show called ‘Show Me the Honey’. This is where I met Heather who mentored me through (and after) the programme. She taught me everything I know about beekeeping and has helped me to look after 4 hives.

During the summer of 2023 I travelled to Slovenia with the Scottish Beekeepers Association to attend the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers, where young beekeepers from all over the world go to meet like-minded people from different backgrounds. It was there that I realised how few young beekeepers we have in Scotland in comparison to other countries. This is why it is so amazing to see Heather teach so many young people the importance of beekeeping as it is an amazing hobby I think everyone should be able to try.


With my love of heather honey I knew The Bee School would be a good fit for me. I am a university student studying Digital Media & Information Studies. I use my skills in The Bee School as Office Manager - switching from honey extraction to spreadsheets and social media is my specialty!

I am a keen learner and my knowledge on environmental issues has grown immensely at The Bee School. I am keen to share this and help make a positive impact for our natural world. People from all walks of life come to our school and I love hearing their stories over a chai latte.  So come visit and have a bee-rilliant time with us!



I started keeping bees after joining my university's beekeeper's association on a whim and was instantly hooked. Fast forward a few years to 2021 when I met Heather, who was in need of a beekeeper/graphic designer to help her open a beekeeping education centre and The Bee School was born!

After developing the first year of educational programmes at the school, I now work part-time as an outdoor educator at the Beedookit at North Kelvinside Meadow's Children's Wood. I believe honey bees are powerful and engaging tool to teach young people, as well as adults, about our natural world, in particular our wild pollinator population and ways we can protect them.