Helping the Bees by making Healthy Choices

In March 2022, the Scottish Government launched their ‘Vision
for Agriculture’. The aim is to support farming and food production in
Scotland and becoming a global leader in sustainable and regenerative
agriculture, with the added benefit of mitigating climate change and restoring

 So, what does this look like?

We will have high quality foods, produced locally in a
sustainable environment.

It will provide a solid basis for biodiversity habitats.

Improve animal health and welfare.

Mitigate climate change.

How Can I Help?

There's many factors affecting the decline of our Bees and Pollinator Population, one big problem is the overuse of pesticides.

We could suggest planting wild flowers, not cutting your grass too short, stop the use of plastic grass would be a good one.

Although we'd like you to go one better and swap out one item from your weekly shop and trade it for an organic alternative. Why not make the humble potato or a pint of milk your choice for the simple organic swap