Join the Buzz: Explore our Bee Safari!

Our afternoon bee safari is the perfect introduction to the world of bees and beekeeping. The safari is for anyone who is curious about starting their own apiary and want to see if it’s for them, inquisitive bee lovers who want to learn more or those who just want to try something new! We welcome people of all ages, abilities and levels of knowledge.

A walk through of our Bee Safari



1. The classroom 

After warmly welcoming you into our Bee School, we begin the interactive class element of our bee safari. We start with a small icebreaker to promote an inclusive and positive environment in our classroom which offers you the chance to get to know the beekeepers and your fellow classmates better!

Following this, we have a chat about pollinators and understand their importance, taking a look at the challenges impacting wild bees and other pollinating insects and the simple things we can do to help.

Spotlighting the honeybee: we then focus on the honeybee and what you’d expect to find in a hive, the food they eat, their behaviours and their dancing skills! 

The yummy part - Honey and Bee Pollen tasting! you have the opportunity to sample a selection of different honeys, developing your knowledge in how different nectar sources can change the taste and texture. You can also sample some bee pollen and learn about the health benefits of this and the different honeys! 

Test Time:  after sampling the different honeys provided we will test your taste buds as you match each tester to the correct card.                                                                                                                                               

 2. Jumping into Action - The Hives!


After our classroom session you will get ready to see the bees in action by jumping into a bee suit! This definitely provides you with a perfect photo opportunity to show friends and family at home.       

Next up, a short walk to the apiary where we commence a hive inspection on one of our beehives, here you will see the honeybees up close and in action! Our hive inspections are interactive as we pass around the frames from the hive around the group. This gives you the perfect opportunity to see the formations of the bee hive up close and see first hand the different elements of pollen, honey, and larvae. If you feel confident you can even have a go at lifting some of the frames from the hive yourself!                             

Spot the Queen! during our hive inspection keep your eyes peeled for the Queen Bee herself, if you are lucky you might be able to catch her up-close!

After inspecting the hive and seeing the honeybees in action, we will return to The Bee School for some cake and refreshments, where our bee team are happy to answer any more questions about our wonderful honeybees.     



Please note: Not only are our team kind, fun and knowledgeable, they’re also qualified emergency first aiders for adults, paediatrics and anaphylaxis, so we like to think you’re in good hands.                   

Interested in attending one of our bee safaris?  book online today on bee safaris under the experiences & courses tab!

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